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If I hold on to my tripod and camera, I won't fall off the cliff behind me...

My interest in photography started when my Mom and Dad gave me a Polaroid camera for Christmas. That old Polaroid shot only B&W film and I had to smear some kind of emulsion over the photo once the paper was peeled back. The first photo that I ever took was of our cat, Mittens. I still have that photo.

Photography has come a long way since then with Polaroid's and film falling out of use in favor of digital photography. Back in the day, I developed film and printed in a darkroom. I do miss the amazement of watching a photograph come to life in the developer tray and the smell of the chemicals. That has been replaced with me 'developing' a digital photography on my computer.

"My approach to photography is probably mostly about the process of being a photographer rather than constantly looking to get the next photograph. To me the process of just living my life as an artist is really what's most important to me." ~ Huntington Witherill

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