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"With the beauty before me, May I walk With beauty behind me, May I walk With beauty above me, May I walk With beauty below me, May I walk With beauty all around me, May I walk Wandering on a trail of beauty, Lively, I walk." ~ Proverbs, Navajo Indians

This quote is on the main page of my website. I try to walk through the world in the same spirit and with my eyes open to all that I can see.

My interest in photography started when my Mom and Dad gave me a Polaroid camera for Christmas. That old Polaroid shot only B&W film and I had to smear some kind of emulsion sponge over the photo once the paper was peeled back. The first photo that I ever took was of our cat, Mittens. I still have that photo.

Photography has come a long way since then with Polaroids and film falling out of use in favor of digital photography. Back in the day, I developed film and printed in a darkroom. I do miss my amazement of watching a photograph come to life on a piece of paper in the developer tray and to see if my very hit and miss dodging and burning an image under an enlarger worked. It usually didn't. That has been replaced with me 'developing' digital photography on my computer. While digital is a totally different process than the darkroom it still is amazing to me how a RAW file can be morphed into a creation of my own. Digital processing still gives me the same thrill of working in a darkroom but without all the smelly chemicals.

​"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." ~ Antaïs Nin

​Our vision is our own and we should explore it as such.

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